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Art has always been a passion of mine, born with a crayon in my hand I decorated the hospital walls with abstract designs. Before I could even feed properly I was designing tattoos for my mum and dad. This talent was nurtured throughout the years, inspiration starting coming heavily from the mid 80s and early 90s pop culture. My school books were riddled with creative drawings of animal humans and classmates in creature form. During high school my peers would scribble on a piece of paper and I'd turn it into something sick, I always think back to this technique when I'm doing cover up tattoos.

Over the years I've drawn inspiration from so many different artists, comics, cartoons, video games, movies and music (among many more). This is why I have such a broad range of styles. My main focus lately has been the dark art and the pop culture but my absolute favourite is crossing the dark art with the pop culture.
I prefer to do custom art for my clients and love to just draw the design straight on the body before tattooing it. Feel free to contact with any questions regarding work, I'm always happy to take on new ideas and to meet new people.

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